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The picture I chose as a top 5 for my non-sports feature photograph was the photograph titled “Melodrama.” The caption reads, “Nothing grander than the Cheyenne Frontier Days Melodrama. Cheyenne local Glen Allen, enjoys being sung to by a performer.’ I chose to use this within my top five because I feel it captures his personality the best. Glen is a very outgoing and playful man. He is constantly cracking jokes and loving life to the fullest. Some may be embarrassed being serenaded but Glen is clearly enjoying his time at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old Fashioned Melodrama. I was fortunate to be sitting across from Glen, who is a good family friend, at the Melodrama when taking this picture. She begins to wander off the stage and I searched through my purse for my camera as she was walking towards our table.  It was easy to snap the photograph since I was in perfect view of the scenario. However, I feel lucky to have been able to capture this exact moment and his facial expression. I remember taking this photograph and struggling keeping the camera still because I couldn’t stop laughing. I think the creative devices used in this photograph are background and color because the background color matches both of their clothing. I also think his shirt plays a creative device of symmetry and patterns with the strips on his shirt.2.) The photograph I chose to use as a sports-related photograph is titled “2-2-1.” The caption reads “The University of Wyoming Cheerleaders stunt in front of the Cowboy fans last Saturday’s game. ” I found this sporting event, as well as all the other sporting events displayed at the UW football game. I cheered for UW my freshman year and the current coach was my coach in high school, so luckily I was allowed close shots of the cheerleaders. I like this photograph a lot because the crowd is usually eye level or looking down at the flyer. The only ones who really look up to see the fliers are those that are basing the stunt or are on the field as well. This photo displays a unique view for a fan that is often looking eye level or down at the flyer. We were actually winning this game, which may be hard for some to believe, but we were! And with that said, the atmosphere was excited and anxious! It was easy to get this shot, besides having to have the timing right and staying out of the cheerleader’s way. I felt excited to be in such an atmosphere where the fans were so excited. However, I also felt sad because I miss being on the field cheerleading. I used viewpoint and leading lines as creative devices for this photo. The legs of the cheerleaders who are flying lead to the top flyer.3.) “Touchdown: The University of Wyoming cheerleaders line up to tumble in the end zone when the University of Wyomingscored their first touchdown last Saturday night’s game.” I chose this photo because I think it captures action very well and I like the ripple effect. The atmosphere was very energetic because the Cowboys had just scored a touchdown and were ahead. This was harder to get a shot of because I had to estimate when to take the shot when the girls would be tumbling. I wasn’t allowed to get close to them on the field so I had to zoom and plan accordingly.4.) “Handstand:  The University of Wyoming Cheerleaders performs a stunt catching the audience’s attention last Saturday night.”  The atmosphere was exciting because the football team was winning. It was easy to get this shot, besides having to focus on the correct zoom and staying out of their way. This photo displays leading lines as a creative device. Her legs lead your eye from left to right  in the photo.5.) “Loud and Proud: Brittany McWhorter yells at the University of Wyoming Cowboys crowd to get them riled up for the game last Saturday.” I love her facial expression in this photo. It does a great job capturing the atmosphere of the fans without actually showing you the fans. I didn’t want to take pictures when taking this photo because watching the game was the much more interesting to me at the time. However, after seeing this photo I am glad I continued to shoot photos. Once again, this was an easy shot, but I feel lucky to have captured her facial expression as such. The creative device used in this photo is focus. The cheerleader is in focus; however the field and the fans behind her are not. 

I learned that capturing motion and action is much more difficult than I had expected. I had a lot of photographs were the timing was off and the photo wasn’t eye appealing at all. I wish I would have turned around and photographed the fans. I also learned that it’s really hard to photograph at night with the stadium lights. They washed out a lot of my photographs. I didn’t think I was going to have to worry about staying out of the way, but it was one of my greatest concerns when photographing. I also learned that it can be somewhat awkward when asking people to photograph them and their names. People can be very protective of getting their photograph taken. I’m not sure I can blame them with the internet today.


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  1. klandreville
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 11:12:58

    Great photos of the cheerleaders! Your photography is improving quickly!


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