Photojournalism Critiques

Zach Greubel

Zach did a great job at photographing collegiate athletic games. He did a good job displaying the fun environment fans experience at a collegiate sporting event. Zach also displayed a lot of great photos that used creative devices, such as symmetery and patterns, texture and leading lines.

The photographs were enjoyable to view. I really enjoyed the photos displaying strong creative devcies, such as patterns, symmertry and leading lines.  I found more pleasure in viewing the fan photos, rather than the sports photos because I think the fan photos show more emotion and appealing nature. I think the photos of the fans captured personality more so than any photos of athletes. I think the photo of the football players kneeling captures emotions and their personality but I think that is the only photo of athetes which displays their emotions or personality.

The sports photos came out clear and visible. The viewer can easily make out what the photo is of. However, compared to other photos in his set, some of  the sports photos aren’t as clear. Some sport photos are blurry.

The captions were written professional and provided all the required information.

I think there are some photos he could have become more creative with. However, I do realize that there are limitations with shooting athletic events.  I think there were more than preferred photos of athletes standing on the sideline or the field or in a huddle. I would have liked to see more action within his sports photos.

He could have used other creative devices, such as patterns by taking a photo of the field through the fence by the endzone. An easy creative device he could have implented within his photos would be the rule of thirds. This could have been implemented by stepping a few feet to the left or right of where he orginally took the photo. For the photo titled “Football Fans,” I think he was trying to implement viewpoint as a creative device. Although this is a different viewpoint, I don’t think it is an interesting nor eye appealing view. A blue sky is not interesting nor eye appealing.  

Another creative device he could have implemented within his photos is focus. He could have focused on the athletes, leaving the fans and the field background as a blurry image carrying the viewer’s eyes to the in-focused subject.

I think as far photojournalim elements would go, I would suggest to be sure to photograph a clear image, especially when photographing sports. As hard as it is, try to avoid distractions, such as several players in the photograph. It is hard for the viewer to make out what or who the subject is.

Overall, Great job! The photographs are interesting and I feel they capture the true environment at a UW football game. He really implements great creative devices and I find his photos very eye appealing!  

Cody Hess

I loved looking at all the photos of the children. It really displays their personality and emotions. I really liked “Slide.” I think it displays a great example of background as a creative device and displays the excitement he was having at the park.

His sports photos were clear and are obivous he was directly on the field shooting the game. None of the photos are blurry. I really like that he shot the football in mid-air in some of the photographs. I know that’s not an easy task to accomplish!

I think the photo titled “Patrick Fowler gets wet,” displays a good example of creative device being texture. I think the droplets of water creates texture among the building behind him and himself. The photo titled “Lines, lines, lines” displays a strong example of creative devices using leading lines. I think Cody did a great job like Zach at implementing creative devices. However, I think there were a few photos that would have been more eye appealing if the rule of thirds was implemented.

Suggestions for any photojournalism elements, would be trying to create a story with the photographs. I think a great way to capture the story and situtation would be to capture the emoition. Children always wear their emotions on their sleeve and I would have loved to see their facial expression in some of the photos.

Improvements for  Cody’s caption writing would be too be more professional. Be sure to check your spelling on captions and always use full sentences. Don’t forget to include the date and location of the photo as well. Another suggestion would be to use full names, including first and last names.  

Overall, terrific photos! I really enjoyed looking at his set. He had a lot of great photos, both of humor and of serious creative device examples.


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