Constructive Criticism – Audio Stories

Andrew Baum: The Rookie Detective

This audio story describes the experience Andrew Baum has as a decective in New York City. He discusses some intense situations that have arose while on the clock and expresses alot of the responses he gets from people in New York City who see him working and the suspensions that he has encountered being a freelance investigator. He also discussed the way people often respond to him if they feel as though he is observing them.

I was intrigued by this story, but that could be because I had wanted to be a spy growing up and constantly was  hiding from my family and taking notes about their behavior in my “Harriet the Spy” notebook. I found his experiences fascinating  and kept me sitting on the edge of my seat.

I liked that Andrew included so many stories within his interview. I liked that the interviewer really let Andrew’s personality shine through the story. I could tell Andrew was full of adventure and a great sense of humor.

The journalist didn’t incude ambient noise within the story, which I think would have added a nice touch to the story. I thought his transitions were smooth.

I didn’t like the story without ambient noise. I also didn’t like some of the language used within the story, such as red necks and hell. I think it took away the credibility of the journalist, but it helped bring out Andrew’s personality.

The journalist could have included ambient noise in order to improve the audio story.

Heart and Soul

Kadir Nelson discusses his children book which was published recently about the history of his African-American history. He uses narration in his characters to attract children, based of his grandmother. He also discusses some of his photos that are displayed in his book.

I found this audio story impelling. I think it’s great that Kadir is educating youth about history, which has had such a great impact on society. I felt quite emotional while listening to this story.

I liked the depth of  explanation Kadir went into when describing his story and the process of publishing his book. I thought the journalist did a great job of asking questions which made the story interesting and asking Kadir to clarify when necessary. I thought the journalist did a good job of transitioning from one topic to the next.

I didn’t like that the story did not include any ambient noise, which I think would have improved the story if it were included. I also don’t like the interview telling the story. I wish the journalist edited the audio to remove herself from the story. I also would have liked to have seen the pictures that were in the book.

Type A Teenager

This audio story describes the life of a busy 15 year old high school academically focused student, Omika Jikaria, who is involved in several extra-cuccullinar activities, such as speech and debate and cheerleading and beauty pagents.

I was easily connected to this story because I was a cheerleader.

I liked the ending quote that the journalist used, “I want to be there doing it and if I didn’t want to be there doing it I wouldn’t do it, but I do want to do it.” 

I think the journalist did a good job collecting quotes from Omika and I thought the transitions were smooth. I don’t think they were the smoothest transitions out of the previous story but I wasn’t confused with the story or where it was going.

I didn’t like the lack of ambient noise, which would have improved the audio story.


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