Uno . . . Dos . . . Tres . . .

This assignment is for my Online Journalism class. We have been asked to record ourselves counting to ten in a random order. We then had to edit our audio recording using “Audacity” so that we were counting to ten in the correct way. This was a practice assignment to help the students become comfortable using our audio recorders. We will be assigned more advanced assignments, such as interviewing peers later this semester. Dr. Landreville wanted us to become familiar with our audio recorder so that our future assignments would be successful and we would feel comfortable interviewing a stranger with an audio recorder, rather than worrying about our audio recorder during the interview.
This is the first time that I have used an audio recorder. However, I have had some experience with sound editing. I used to cut a lot of music in high school for cheerleading and dance routines. I used “Garageband” on Macs for cutting music materials. This was the first time I have used Audacity. I tried to use it earlier this semester to cut music for Homecoming Sing, which is a talent show organizations compete in by changing the lyrics to songs to fit a specific theme and singing and dancing to their own lyrics. I really like using Audacity more than GarageBand. The zoom feature is really nice and I found it easy to cut music and paste on a new track. Now that I feel comfortable and able to use Audacity, I will use the program to cut the music for this year’s Homecoming Sing!
Unfortunately, I do have fears about sound editing and audio journalism. I am worried that I will not be able to make a story flow successfully. I am worried that with just audio provided, I won’t be able to entice my audience with my story. I am also worried that I will have technical issues with other assignments referring to sound editing and audio journalism, just as I have with this assignment. I am concerned that I will encounter ambient noise, which is distracting to the interview. I hope I don’t encounter a situation where there is no way to remove the ambient noise distractions in the background. I am worried that my interviewee won’t answer questions into depth and leave my audience confused or bored. With that said, I am worried that I won’t ask the right questions to interview someone and get the right amount of information from them which can be edited into a successful audio story.


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  1. klandreville
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 16:16:53

    It’s great that you already have some audio editing experience. That will help. And as for your fears, I’m sure that you’ll push past through some of those fears by the time this course is completed. 🙂


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