Studying Abroad with Alex Edwards

I conducted a few questions before Alex and I met regarding her international studies major and her experiences abroad. I felt much more comfortable knowing which questions I wanted to ask prior to the interview. However, I was really nervous to alter my questions depending on Alex’s answers. I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having to come up with questions right off the bat. I was nervous about the interviewing process because I was worried that I would have a hard time not interrupting Alex’s answers, saying “yea,” “I see,” etc. However, I found it much easier than I had expected since I was focused on the time, questions, audio and answers being discussed that I didn’t engage within the conversation. I felt awkward when holding the audio recorder up to Alex’s mouth, extending my arm over her lap and holding it towards her face.

I was anxious when Alex was interviewing me. I was interviewed first and I was unsure of what to expect. We had a few screw ups when she was interviewing, because I wasn’t sure of what she was asking or couldn’t get my thoughts across clearly. We had to restart the interview acouple of times and I felt terrible. I was also nervous that I wasn’t givingher enough information. I knew the time limit and knew how challenging it wouldbe to successfully conduct a five minute interview. I found it awkward to keep
eye contact with the interviewer, especially when we were re-interviewing. Iwould look across to break eye contact and to focus on my answers, but unfortunately when I looked away my volume decreased on the recorder.

I learned that it is beneficial to have questions preparedfor the interview. I also learned it is best to set the audio on a table nextto the interviewee, making it less awkward and easier on the interviewer,
rather than holding your hand up to their face for five minutes. I learned that maintaining eye contact is important, allowing connection between you and yourinterviewee, making them comfortable, showing that you are interested in whatthey are saying, and to keep their voice volume steady.

I enjoyed getting to know more about Alex and her internationalexperiences. I also enjoyed thinking of topics and questions to ask Alex forour interview. I did not enjoy re-doing the interview. I felt really bad for Alex and felt even worse for her when she nailed the interview I conducted about her. I didn’t enjoy using the audio recorder because it was awkward holding the audio recorder to her face.

I wish I would have interviewed Alex at a table, allowing the audio recorder to sit on the table near Alex. I also wish I would have prepared alternate questions for the interview to feel more comfortable interviewing. I wish I would have maintained eye contact throughout the interview. I wish I
included ambient noise as well.


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