On the Right Track

Megan Tanaka

I think Megan’s interview was certainly unique and interesting. Megan interviewed Jordan Dixon, who is a fellow agricultural communications student at UW and throughout their interview Jordan’s passion for agriculture really shown through. I had no idea what organic farming was or how significant it is to our society and agriculture. I admire Megan’s ability to ask impromptu questions during her interview. I thought the impromptu questions she asked were very helpful and added clarity to the interview for the viewer.

Megan had a great interview and I think she conducted an engaging story for her viewer. I could hear Jordan clearly and wasn’t distracted by any ambient noise. Ambient noise would have been an interesting factor in her story, but would have been difficult to gather, considering most of her story was based in Jordan’s experiences in California, not Wyoming. The only suggestions I would have are to possibly have a set topic and to base your questions regarding that specific topic. I think it will help to create stronger questions, therefore impacting the story positively. I also would suggest ending with an overall question to help round up the interview or try to ask a question that would benefit your viewers. An example may be to ask “Where do you foresee organic agriculture  developing within the next 10 years?” or “What can students here at UW to do help with the agriculture issues and malnutrition?.” Overall, Megan did a terrific job and her edited piece flowed together beautifully and created an impacting story.

Bridget Wilson

Bridget interviewed Jasper Fitzgerald about her love for skiing, which I think was an appropriate topic being this time of season, and living in Wyoming, close to several skiing areas. Their interview seemed to flow very smoothly and Bridget seemed prepared during the interview with questions. Her questions were related to her specific topic and helped to heighten the quality of the interview and allowed her a lot more of information to work with when editing. I found Jasper’s experiences and accomplishments in skiing very impressive. She certainly accomplished a lot with in her younger age and I think Bridget did a great job capturing that success and striving passion Jasper has for skiing.

Bridget did a fantastic job interviewing Jasper. However, the one thing I noticed right off the bat when listening to Bridget’s audio was the sound quality. I could hear background noise pretty well during the interview. Although the background was terribly distracting, I could still hear it and it was slightly irritating throughout the interview. Thankfully, the background noise was not distracting enough to overpower Jasper’s voice. I could hear Jasper’s voice clearly. I feel as though it would have been helpful to possibly have faded in and out on some of the cuts. I could hear the cut at 1:10 and I think it would have been less noticeable if the audio had been faded in and out. Overall, Bridget did a great job at capturing a passionate story about Jasper’s success and love for skiing.

Personally, I learned that our audio recorder will pick up on about everything so you need to be very cautious of background noise. I also learned that although it is important to have prepared questions for your interview, it is just as important to have the ability to ask impromptu questions.  During this assignment, especially when editing, I learned that there are many ways a journalist can portray a story to their audience. It is important to sort out all the different ways to portray your story before you begin chopping and deleting your masterpiece.

Advice I would give to myself for this assignment in the future would be to choose one specific topic and stick to it! Ask questions that revolve around that one specific topic and enhance the audience’s clarity of your interviewee and the topic discussed.  I also suggest finding a key location for your interview. It is important to steer away from background noise. On the subject of sound quality, I also suggest to place the recorder on a table near your interviewee. I wish I would have included ambient noise, but I look forward to that challenge in future assignments.

Here is a link of the audio profile I conducted, where I interviewed a good friend Alex Edwards about her studying abroad experiences in Europe. This was the same assignment in which Megan and Bridget were assigned as well.


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  1. klandreville
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 15:20:31

    Great critique. I appreciate your care and thought that you put into your comments. I found them very helpful and I hope the students will as well.


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