Documenting Big Footsteps

Alex and I chose to focus our sound slide project on the Geology Museum here at the University of Wyoming. We interviewed two people about the Geology museum and gathered a lot of great insightful information about the museum.  We gathered audio and pictures, in which was edited to create a story using  the sound slides program about the museum. It was a large time commitment, but it was challenging and definitely rewarding to be able to combine all the skills we have gained through out this course with using both audio and photography pieces to create a story.

I feel fortunate to have had such a great partner. I know that Alex will provide 110% effort towards the project and never feel as though I am left single handed. My favorite interview was with Morgan Churchill. We both got a significant experience out of the interview. I noticed a great change during the interview, compared to my previous experiences with interviewing Alex. It was certainly less relaxed. Luckily, I had Alex there with me to relax any tension and make any awkward moments less awkward, well at least for the both of us.

I thought Sound slides was an easy program to work with for the most part. However, I didn’t like that it wouldn’t let you work on the project without any audio added. Stressing to finish the audio in a timely manner, allowing enough time to finish the sound slides, was inconvenient and annoying. Alex and I ran into an obstacle when finishing the project. We were not able to send the project to one another when it was all finished. It would save as several different files and made it impossible to see the finished project on our own computers, but it is technology after all!

A problem that we encountered during conducting interviews was noise in the background. During our first interview, Morgan began unwrapping the fossils we was working on and the audio had caught the noise of the wrapping being removed.  The same issue arose during our second interview with Mary. There was a lawn mower outside, which I was certain would pick up on the recorder.  I was unsure of how distracting the background noise of the lawn mower would be but I think I had expected the worst before listening or editing the audio. 

The one thing I plan to do differently is to do my interviews and gather information first, then gather pictures second.I  think it would be easier to conduct the information from interviews and edit the audio to create a story and then focus on taking creative pictures that would fit well within the story. Overall, I enjoyed this project a lot and can’t wait to start on my individual slideshow project!


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