Sound Slide Critiques

For this assignment, I have been asked to critique three classmates sound slide projects. Here are my critiques!

Andie Knous & Jessica Peck : SAE Masters of Misery Haunted House

I enjoyed Andie’s and Jessica’s  sound slide project a lot! I thought the idea was very appealing and the topic was very interesting. I could hear the interviewee very clear without any distracting background noise.  The edits were clean cut. I didn’t notice a cut that sounded rough. The ambient noise was fine. I think it would have been cool to record people during the hauted house to capture the real freight that SAE captured in the visitors.  A few screams would have added more drama to the audio, or the sound of the electric tools they “used” during the haunted house.  They also coo9uld have used “horror music,” like what they play in horror movies when the tension is strong! I thought the photos used matched well with the audio. The photos were eye engaging and interesting to look at. I think there could have been more creativity when taking photos by using unique angles to capture the event.The story flows nicely from speaker to speaker. The story made sense and topics flowed easily together. I felt as though it did end slightly abrubt, and I think that maybe ending the story with fading out ambient noise would have helped closed the story. Awesome Job!!


Jordan Dixon & Megan Tanaka : University of Wyoming Student Workers

Interesting Topic! I think this story topic is very relevant to students in college and shows the dedication of student workers. I could hear some background noise in the audio, but I wasn’t distracted by it and could still clearly make out what the interviewees were saying without any difficulty. I think the ambient noise was very relevant can’t think of anything else they could have used as ambient noise that would capture a work environment. The cuts and edits were done nicely and sounded clean. I enjoyed the photos and thought it was cool to display them in all black and white. I also liked the variety of pictures they chose to display. They showed a variety of different jobs available for students. I think it would have been nice to get more jobs outside of the union, or to display students working off of campus. The stroy does flow nicley from speaker to speaker and from topic to topic. I don’t think that including their major was relevant, besides the fact that it does allow the viewer to recognize them as a student. The story certainly made sense to me without any points of confusion. I thought the story ended well. I liked that they ended their story with ambient noise that gradually faded out. It signaled very clearly to me that the story was over. Overall, Great job!!

Cody Hess & Patrick Pajak : 2011 Wyoming Cowgirl Volleyball Team

I loved the ambient noise! I think it shows the great pride at UW that the volleyball players raved about during the interview. There was some background noise in a couple clips, but being in a gym I can expect that to happen. I don’t think that the background noise that appeared was unrelevant to the piece, so I didn’t find it distracting. I think it may have even captured the environment on a greater level. I was able to hear all the interviewees very clearly. I liked that they used more than one source as well. It helped to bring more to the table I think and display the true character of UW Volleyball.  I was able to tell where cuts had been made, but I think it was because of all the various interviewees that spoke on the same topic. I didn’t think that the audio pieces were rough at any time.  The photos synchronized to the audio very well. I liked that when the players talked about the fans, they displayed pictures of the fans at the games. I think the story flowed nicely from speaker to speaker and from topic to topic. The story made sense and I think it ended well too. Once again, I like that the story ended with ambient noise, helping the viewer to recognize that the story was coming to an end! Fantastic job!


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