Unfortunately This Adventure Comes To An End

This class has taught me a great deal of useful information! Of course, so did Spanish 1010, but I feel as though I can attribute the skills I’ve learned from this course to my career path once I graduate. Even if not, I am now assured I can become a household name via the internet blogging sites with quite a bit of help from Dr. Landreville.

I think my favorite assignment in Online Journalism this semester was the “Photojournalism” assignment. It really helped to grow my photography skills. Looking back on that first month or so of this course, I notice a significant enhancement of my own photography skills. I gained more a photographer’s stance I would like to think and began seeing the world more creatively.  I really enjoyed taking pictures. Of course, there were a lot of great moments I missed because I didn’t have my camera, or couldn’t pull it out of my bag quickly enough, which was always frustating! I enjoyed it because I was able to take photographs of things I found interesting or held a passion for. In reality, a journalist can’t do that but I did enjoy taking photos of those things and don’t think it would have been nearly as fun if I was given an event or a specific moment to capture.

I think I will use my ability to capture an audience’s attention and my writing skills that I have strengthened in my future. I love scrapbooking and the photography skills I developed through this course, will help to make my scrapbooks much more eye appealing and interesting. It also supplied me with the opportunity to think on my feet when interviewing people. I learned to prepare as much as possible, but sometimes you must have the ability to think on your feet.

I would like to go into public relations. My ideal job would to be a public relations professional for a sports team. I would LOVE to work for a professional baseball team! I have invisioned this job ever since entering college, so this class only reaffirmed that this was the career path for me!

I learned a lot of vital skills within this course but I would have liked to learn how to creat and use video, which is why I will be taking Dr. Landreville’s Advanced New Media course next semester.

Thanks for all your help and insightful knowledge Dr. Landreville! I look forward to taking your Advanced New Media course next semester! Have a happy holiday!


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